Youtube Livestream Ceremony and Strava Ride 直播Youtube記念儀式及Strava小組騎行

Ride of Silence沉默騎行2021
This year’s Ride of Silence, on Wed 19 May, will go ahead, but riding individually or in small groups.
Though we can’t ride as a large group, we can still honour the 16 cyclists who died and remember the 2607 people injured on Hong Kong roads last year, quietly making the statement that “we are here” and deserve respect and consideration as road users.

在當日晚上7時30分至10時期間,我們邀請您觀看Youtube網上直播記念儀式,之後登入在 Strava 的「沉默騎行」踩單車活動,獨自或與1至3個朋友一起去沿著尖沙咀與深水埗之間的路線踩你自己的小組「沉默騎行」。
On that evening from 7.30pm to 10.00pm, we invite you to join the Youtube live ceremony and Strava Ride event and ride your own Ride of Silence – either alone or with up to three friends – along the usual route between TST and Sham Shui Po.

By riding, we quietly recognise all those victims. But at this difficult time we are also showing that bikes offer mobility that avoids being stuck in a closed vehicle with potential virus carriers, which may even save lives.

**Youtube 網上直播記念儀式 Youtube Live Streaming Remembrance Ceremony**

晚上7時30分至7時45分會有Youtube 網上直播記念儀式:
7:30-7:45pm there will be a remembrance ceremony live streaming on Youtube:
Then there will be individual or small group ride until 10:00pm.

**詳情** DETAILS **
在5月19日晚上7時30分之前,請使用手機登入Strava的「沉默騎行」活動( ),然後沿著尖沙咀至深水埗的路線上踩你自己的小組「沉默騎行」並讓Strava記錄你的路線。你需要註冊一個免費Strava戶口,而每小組只需要其中一個人使用Strava就可以了。當然,疫情之下請避免與其他車友群聚在一起。

Use your mobile phone to join the Strava event ( ) before 7.30pm on 19 May and then ride your own Ride of Silence while letting Strava to record your ride. You need to sign up for a free Strava account in order to do that. One Strava-connected person per group is OK. Of course avoiding bunching with any other rider groups under the present situation.

請表現出對「沉默的騎行」所有慣常的尊重 – 特別是踩單車時不要聊天。
Please show all the usual RoS respect – especially not chatting while riding.

You may consider printing and displaying images of RoS flags and banners on your bike.

當然,踩完車後,請分享您的經驗–請用帶有#RideofSilence2021 及 #RideOfSilenceHK 標籤的任何故事,照片或視頻。
Of course, after the ride please share your experience – any stories, photos or video, tagged #RideofSilence2021 and also #RideOfSilenceHK.

Strava event:
If you intend to participate, please ‘join’ the event here, just as you would if we were all riding together.
And please share with anyone who may wish to join or support the event.

時間:5月19日@ 19:30 Time: Wed 19th May @ 19:30
香港「沉默的騎行」Ride of Silence Hong Kong 2021 活動頁 event page:
Strava event:

更多資訊 Organised by:
香港單車同盟 Hong Kong Cycling Alliance (HKCAll)

香港「沉默的騎行」 Ride of Silence Strava Club

全球網站 Global website
For the story behind the Ride of Silence, and the now hundreds of participating rides – in normal years, at least – that are held around the globe, visit .

This map shows the spots of cyclists’ death in Hong Kong in 2011. There are 20 deaths in 2011.

這地圖標示了2011年在香港死亡的騎單車人士肇事地點, 2011年全年共有20人死亡.

ROS map of death spots 2011

ROS map of death spots 2011

The 2011 Hong Kong Ride of Silence is nearly here again. It is held every year on the third Wednesday of May, to remember the cyclists being killed and injured every year on our roads

Date: Wednesday 18th May

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower

Notes: The star ferry will only allow 10 bikes per ferry journey from Wanchai, so be sure to get there a little early to make sure that you can get on a ferry in time, and chat with fellow cyclists.

See you there..!