Share the road

Many drivers in Hong Kong and around the world don’t understand that the bicycle is just another vehicle on the road, and that cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as any other person in control of a vehicle, and it is often useful to point this out to drivers of other vehicles if they are not aware of it.

Car drivers, taxi driver, bus drivers, truck drivers, cyclists, etc are all permitted to share the road, where no single type of vehicle (cyclists included) has more or less right to the road than any other. Cyclists have as much right to respect on the roads as any other vehicle.

When we are using the roads of Hong Kong, we need to be aware of what is going on around us. This means that we need to have road sense or awareness of what the traffic is doing around us, and use that to help us decide our actions and help us share the road so that we become part of the traffic.

In short, it is the same fundamentals for all traffic: follow the law, road awareness, and respect.


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