Bike Parking

Bike parking opportunities in Hong Kong are almost always there, but are sometimes not the most convenient. This is partly related to the multiple government departments involved, and also lack of official bike parking spaces available.

We advocate a common sense approach to Bike Parking in general; if there is official bike parking places available you should use them, but if the only available space is a nearby railing/barrier/object that does not obstruct passers-by, then that is also a suitable option.

There are also legal aspects of bike parking in Hong Kong.

Although there is no legal requirement to install Bike parking in most private developments in Hong Kong, with increased use of environmental rating systems such as BREEAM and LEED for new developments, this could change in the future. The Planning department currently requires residential developments which have direct access to cycle tracks to include 1 bike parking space for every 15 flats within a 2km radius of a railway station, and 1 space for every 30 flats outside a 2km radius of a station.

The MTR has a responsibility to install bike parking at its stations in the new territories at a rate of 30 bicycle parking spaces per 10 000 residents within 2km of the station.

The capacity of bike parking facilities in Hong Kong is inadequate in almost every location, we call on the Hong Kong Government to review bike parking facilities around Hong Kong and implement a coordinated plan of action to install these required public facilities in all the desired locations, and to the extext demanded by the public.

Bike parking has received some media attention in 2011 following the removal of some bikes in Sha Tin after only 24 hours notice (or even no notice at all!). More information can be found at the ‘who stole my bike’ facebook page

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