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– 這是不合比例和不合理地對待個別乘客-只會在整層甲板空置的情況下才會運載單車,對公司的邊際成本根本是微不足道。

– 它破壞貴 公司對「平衡經濟、社會和環境之需要」的承擔。要知道單車是越來越多香港人選擇的健康、環保的交通工具和消閒活動。

– 它將導致騎單車人士減少使用天星小輪的服務及引致對商譽的明顯損害。貴 公司最大的資產是她在香港人心目中的地位,而為了有疑問的利潤把它押上了只會危害貴 公司的長遠力量。


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Subject: Objection to $20 bicycle carriage charge on Star Ferry (Wanchai-TST)

Dear Star Ferry Management

The carriage of bicycles at no charge on the Wanchai to Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry
provides cyclists with a vital communication link and aligns the Star Ferry Company
with its vision “to become one of the leading corporate citizens among all public
transport operators in Hong Kong”.

Your proposal to introduce a $20 fare for this service would mean passengers with
bikes paying more than seven times the proposed foot-passenger fare ($3).

I strongly object to this proposed change.

– It would be disproportionate and unfair to individual users – bicycles are only
carried when an entire unused deck is available, at negligible marginal cost
to the Company.

– It breaches the Company’s own undertaking to “strike a balance between
the economic, social and environmental needs in the community that
it serves”. Cycling is a healthy, environmentally responsible means of
transport and leisure activity that is increasingly taken up by Hong Kong

– It would lead to decreased use of Star Ferry’s services by cyclists and a
marked loss of goodwill. One of the Company’s greatest assets is its place
in the hearts of Hong Kong people, and to put that in jeopardy for dubious
financial benefit threatens the long term strength of the company.

Please reconsider this idea and retain the present free carriage of bicycles on this

Yours faithfully,

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