About us 關於我們

The Hong Kong Cycling Alliance is working to make Hong Kong a more bike-friendly city. We believe the most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable way to travel is by bicycle. Those who cycle regularly as an alternative to car, bus, tram, or rail often find it is also the fastest, most convenient mode of transport, as well as having great fitness and health benefits.

Cities with numerous cyclists have the safest, happiest streets. Evidence from many world class cities shows that measures to increase cycling and improve road safety are mutually supportive. Better conditions for cycling are related to enlightened traffic management measures such as traffic calming, enforcement of slower speeds, and restrictions on car use. These measures dovetail with provision of cycling facilities such as on-road bike lanes and the creation of bicycle parking facilities. The Hong Kong Cycling Alliance is working to promote pro-cycling initiatives for Hong Kong’s streets and for public transport.