Bicycle parking brake

Here’s a problem – a bike taken onto the MTR or a ferry can sometimes move around or even fall over, unless you stand next to it the whole journey, holding on.

The solution is incredibly simple – the Bicycle Parking Brake.

The parking brake is an ordinary double-sided velcro tie, which you wrap around the brake lever to lock it on, stopping the bike from rolling.

In Hong Kong and around the world, people are discovering how much easier using public transport becomes when they’re sure the bike will stay exactly where they put it.


How to use the Bicycle Parking Brake:

1. Lean your bike against a rail or wall.

2. Holding the front brake on, use your thumb behind the handlebar to hold one end of the brake tie in place:

3.  Wrap the brake tie around the front brake lever and over the top of the handlebars:

4. Pulling the brake tie tight, wrap it over the other end of the tie, locking the front brake lever in place:

5. The bicycle is now held in place by the locked front wheel.

We suggest keeping the Bicycle Parking Brake wrapped around your handlebars when not in use:

Using the Bicycle Parking Brake takes just a few seconds…

Stabilising the bike in this way also shows other passengers that we are responsible about sharing space with them, and that bike carriage on public transport is normal and unthreatening.  You can see them recognising this when you safely place the bike and then move away and sit down with everyone else.


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