Legco candidates 2012 survey

In mid-August 2012, Hong Kong Cycling Alliance asked all candidates in the upcoming elections to the Legislative Council for their views on cycling, through a questionnaire.

Most respondents showed strong support for:

  • government to integrate cycling as transport in planning
  • the Harbourfront Cycleway on Hong Kong Island
  • a safety campaign that steers motorists to better driving
  • more local cycle commuting
  • government to enable more functional cycling in the urban areas
  • specific targets for more cycle journeys
  • quality cycling training for young people
  • dedicated cycling staff in government departments


  • 政府需要將單車正式納入交通規劃之內
  • 在港島興建海濱單車徑
  • 針對駕駛人士的安全單車運動,提高他們對單車的安全意識
  • 鼓勵市民利用單車通勤
  • 鼓勵市區內的單車使用,包括通勤、代步、運輸等等
  • 設立明確的單車政策發展目標
  • 提供單車訓練課程予青少年
  • 設立處理單車事項的專負部門


Here is how we presented the results to the media:

in English

in Chinese


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