On the road 在路途上

People ride bikes for many different reasons and in many different ways. Some are professional delivery drivers, some are recreational, cycling at weekends for fun, some ride functionally, commuting to work or the shops by bicycle, and some just rent bikes for day trips with their friends a few times a year.

The government should take account of this broad range of ‘cyclists’ and formulate policies that help to keep safe anybody who decides to ride a bike.

The government’s policy of  ‘not encouraging cycling in urban areas’, and the Transport Department’s position that cycling is not a form a transport (as well as general advice that ‘cyclists should keep to the left‘) are particularly unhelpful and yet, every day, there are tens of thousands of people cycling in Hong Kong’s urban and suburban areas.

On the subject of cycling on the road, one notable blogger once said “Bad cyclists are mostly just annoying, but bad drivers are deadly”.

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