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Your input is needed on bike parking facilities in Hong Kong!

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Ride of Silence 2015

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RoS2015_Poster-1F_Web (1)All cyclists are invited to ride together to remember and support all those who died or were injured while cycling in Hong Kong in 2014, and to quietly make the statement that “we are here” and deserve respect and consideration. This is one of hundreds of such rides around the world at the same time, annually on the third Wednesday in May.
This year 2015 is our 10th Ride of Silence in Hong Kong.

Route: TST Clock Tower (Starting point) > eastbound Salisbury Road > northbound Nathan Road > westbound Lai Chi Kok Road > northbound Wong Chuk St > westbound Yu Chau St > southbound Yen Chow St > eastbound Lai Chi Kok Road > southbound Nathan Road > TST Clock Tower (Finishing point)

Police will inspect bikes for lights (front and back) and brakes, and probably reflectors and bells. Please be prepared.
Reminder: please let’s ride quietly or in silence as we remember others
Bad Weather: We’ll continue under Amber or Red rainstorm warning signal. Event will be postponed to another date if Black rainstorm warning signal is in force or in prospect.

路線:尖沙咀鐘樓(起點) > 梳士巴利道東行 > 彌敦道北行 > 荔枝角道西行 > 黃竹街北行 > 汝洲街西行 > 欽州街南行 > 荔枝角道東行 > 彌敦道南行 > 尖沙咀鐘樓(終點)


More information 更多資訊:

Global website 全球網站

For details of the hundreds of other Ride of Silence events around the globe, and the worldwide message that we are carrying, visit .

如要知道更多世界各地「沉默的騎行」的詳情及活動要表達的訊息,請前往全球「沉默的騎行」網站 。

“The final heat of the bicycle race will take place today at 5pm”

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Did you know that Bicycles were first mentioned in the English Language Hong Kong Newspapers on 11th May 1869?

It was a note about ‘velocipedeschools for ladies in brooklyn [USA]

Cycling in Hong Kong first appeared in the long-forgotten ‘Hong Kong Daily Press’ newspaper on the 18th February 1870.

The final heat of the bicycle race will take place today at 5pm on the road at the foot of the race course. The first and second in each of the heats will take part in the final.

And how did the race go..?… we find out in the HK Daily Press on the 19th February 1870:

The third and final heat was run yesterday afternoon, and as on the previous occasion, a very large crowd of spectators assembled to view the sport. Bush, Dawson and Smith came to the scratch, and got the word “go” with a fair and even start. Dawson at once took the lead, and went spinning round the course at a good smart pace; Smith and Bush following several yards behind. Once round in this order and Smith begins to press the leader for first place which he succeed in getting just over the bridge; Bush number two and Dawson falling behind. The race is now entirely between Smith and Bush, who are keeping close company until half round the course, where Bush “opens out”, passes Smith with ease, and literally runs away from him. The leader now had the race to himself and completed the third round without any difficulty, coming in a winner by many yards ahead of Smith, who gets second place. Dawson nowhere.
The velocipede used by the winner is one of his own manufacture, a fact which shows that Hongkong is not very far behind the rest of the world in a manufacturing point of view

They were likely racing Penny-Farthings or similar as the ‘safety bicycle‘ was not invented until the 1880’s, which are more like the bikes that we recognise today.



Protected Intersections For Bicyclists

May 10th, 2014 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in advocacy | bike safety | urban development - (0 Comments)

Protected Intersections For Bicyclists from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.


Protected bike lanes are the latest approach US cities are taking to help their residents get around by bike. But these protected lanes lose their buffer separation at intersections, reducing the comfort and safety for people riding. What the protected bike lane needs is the protected intersection. This proposal for the George Mason University 2014 Cameron Rian Hays Outside the Box Competition presents a vision for a safe, clear intersection design that improves conditions for all users. Proper design of refuge islands, crossing position and signal timing can create a safe intersection that people of all ages and abilities would feel safe in.

Learn more online at

If I owned the road

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From the fantastic Bikeyface blog, a recent post that all cyclists in Hong Kong can relate to.

Recently I found myself in this situation:

And I wished I could show this dude what would happen if I really did own the road. Things would be very different.

I wouldn’t have to take the lane ever again. People would have their roads back, and they’d be safer because…

Bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

And parking wouldn’t be so free and flowing.

And that’s just the beginning.

No, drivers don’t realize how easy they have it. But, how about we make it a little easier for people?

Pedal for LOVE 踏一步 傳愛心

December 16th, 2013 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in general cycling - (1 Comments)

This post was copied from the Fantastic Hong Kong Fixed Gear Girl website… go there to see more of the vibrant fixed gear culture in Hong Kong.

踏入普天同慶的聖誕月,HKFGG 誠邀大家在欣賞燈飾的同時,亦為有需要的孩子送上溫暖及祝福。

今年聖誕,ifc商場為喧囂都市注入一份優遊自在。2013年11月21日至2014年1月2日ifc商場將中庭化身成枝繁葉茂的聖誕公園Central Christmas Park,是首個商場以單車及由群眾參與的大型聖誕燈飾裝置為時刻走在最前的都市人送上一份難得的怡情。

Central Christmas Park綠樹林蔭,大家可以無拘無束地坐在青草地上閒聊小休,享受片刻寫意閒情。於茂密叢林之間,您會發現11部單車的蹤跡,當中更包括紐約潮流行的GAZELLE單車。ifc商場邀請大家騎踏園內的單車,單車便能感應您的活力正能量,形成一道光跡,為商場聖誕裝置亮燈 ,Bike up the light up。場內單車適合成人、小孩同樂,大家可以化身城市旅人,一起參與炮製完美聖誕燈效的快樂過程。

Your bike ride through Central Christmas Park is much more than a marvellous holiday experience, it’s also an opportunity to show how much you care. The pedometer on each of the bikes at the Oval Atrium measures distance that you have cycled and ifc mall will convert the accumulated bike mileage into donation to a worthy cause. From 21 November 2013 till 2 January 2014, with every 1 kilometre of total bike mileage achieved by all 11 bikes, ifc mall will donate one hearty breakfast to St. James’ Settlement People’s Food Bank, helping underprivileged children in Hong Kong.  Hop on and bike to help light up the lives of the needy!

而我們早前受ifc 的邀請,率先試騎場內的單車,並接受報章訪問,
這麼有意義的活動,我們HKFGG 當然是大力支持,因此希望大家在活動舉辦期間
Our earlier invitation by ifc, try riding the bicycle and interviewed talked about the feeling of riding in the Central Christmas Park.
Until yesterday, It has alreday cluster 4,050.8 kilometers, we HKFGG absolutely support this meaningful charity event.
So we hope all of you can join us ,send the warm wish to the children during this Christmas.


七一遊行單車隊 Bikes @ 7.1 march 2013

June 25th, 2013 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in general cycling - (1 Comments)









每個人 – 乘客,單車運動愛好者,送貨者,公路車手,山地單車手,單車會及在單車徑輕鬆騎單車的單車使用者。

本活動將提供70架單車為現時未有單車但希望參加此活動的朋友租借, 先登記者得,登記方法如下:
* 當日租車費每架HK$200 (HK$100 租車及運輸費,HK$100租車按金(可於還車時取回)。7 月1日下午1:30 於摩頓台取車,下午6時半於中環終點(友邦中心旁)還車
* 請將所須租車數目的費用存入匯豐銀行戶口: 607 133063 888(鳴謝Mr. Andrew Brill先生借出戶口於本活動使用) ,並將銀行收據副本及活動當日用車人士的全名電郵到:。我們將直接回覆你的「租車登記確認」和單車借還的詳情安排。

Bicycles will lead the 1 July rally.

Meet Moreton Terrace (next to main Library), 2.00pm.

Bring your own bike or RENTAL BIKES available with pre-payment ($100 + $100 deposit) by Thurs 27th, contact

We call on the administration to recognise the popularity and diversity of cycling now, and support it to boost Hong Kong’s livability, economy and health in the future.

Everyone who jumps on their bike to get to where they’re going or to enjoy the ride deserves a government that plans and allows for their needs. All kinds of us use bikes for all kinds of reasons and we’re tired of being pushed to the side of policymaking and told “keep out of the way of the important people.”

Why does Transport Dept still deny that lots of Hong Kong people ride bikes to go places, even as our neighbours and many other countries are developing the role of functional cycling in a modern city? Our government must look seriously at what cycling can do for Hong Kong.

Please join us to ride (slowly) or walk with your bike at the front of the rally on 1 July.

Important note: police will be checking equipment in Moreton Terrace. Please ensure your bike is fully legal, eg brakes, lights when it’s dark, reflectors. Check back here for further details.


Meeting Point Location:

Un-ban cycling – the first batch of locations

March 12th, 2013 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in general cycling - (4 Comments)

We have sent the first part of the long list of  locations that the cyclists of Hong Kong would like to see cycling unbanned. There’s more locations we will send later, but these will get the discussion started.

If you have more locations that you would like us to request for cycling to be unbanned, you can use this page to look at the locations we have so far and send us a location if it is not included already.

Ref Location
#1 Legco/Tamar Underpass
#2 IFC Underpass
#3 Hung Hom – Cheung Wan Road
#4 Fleming Road
#5 Marsh Road
#6 Connaught Road West (non-highway)  
#7 Salisbury Road
#8 Canton Road
#9 Choi Hung Road Flyover
#10 Road from Ho Pui to Tai Lam <no photo available>
#11 High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung Sai Wan Rd <no photo available>
#12 Maclehose Section 10 <no photo available>
#13 Yuen Long Sewage Treatment Plant <no photo available>
#14 Brides Pool Road
#15 LCSD Central Waterfront <no photo available>
#16 Hung Hom Waterfront <no photo available>
#17 Shing Mun Country Park <no photo available>
#18 Cycle track adjacent to Caritas Lok Kan School <no photo available>
#19 Discovery Bay Tunnel
#20 Tai Tam Reservoir Road


Bicycle Film Festival (Hong Kong Stop) 單車電影節(香港站)

December 12th, 2012 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in fun | general cycling - (1 Comments)
We at Hong Kong Cycling Alliance are very proud to be a part of the first ever Hong Kong Bicycle Film Festival on 10th-13th January, and with the tickets on sale today, we’ll be rushing to get our seats booked..!
Cycling has recently become not just a trend but also a culture. The Bicycle Film Festival features a collection of independent film productions from around the globe, telling tales of joy and tears about cycling. The 2011 world tour drew an audience of over 300,000 from over 20 cities around the world. Held in Hong Kong this time, the festival coincides with the city’s post-Olympics cycling fever, opening up to the local community the infinite possibilities about cycling beyond the countryside cycling tracks.
Dialogue is mainly in English. Non English soundtracks will have English subtitles.
For Bicycle Film Festival’s 4-day programmes, including MovieExhibitionsFun Ride and Ticketing, please see BFF website HERE.

Did you know that you are allowed to cycle in the middle of the lane?

December 5th, 2012 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in advocacy | bike safety | fun - (8 Comments)

The Road Safety Council recently changed its guidance regarding where cyclists should be in the roadspace. It now tells cyclists to be in the middle of any narrow lane (ie. when another vehicle cannot safely be alongside within the lane) or when you are approaching a turn.

On Hong Kong’s confined streets, this has many benefits: it makes you much more visible to drivers, gives you some space on your left when vehicles come too close, and ensures that drivers think before they overtake you rather than believing they can “just squeeze past” when you are nearer the kerb.

I saw this post on the fantastic bikeyface blog today and thought it was very appropriate:


Whenever a person first discovers I bike, they reply with a story. And it’s always the same story.

“I was driving down [insert any road name] when all of the sudden I saw a cyclist in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!”  Inevitably it always ends with them saying they “just tapped on their horn” or “squeezed by” or “yelled out to the cyclist.” 

And many many times I’ve been the cyclist in one of these stories – the one sharing the road with a driver that isn’t aware of the basic road rules regarding bikes.

What’s worse is that sometimes reasonable people panic at the sight of a bicycle in the lane… and then all that reason flies out the window.

So I wanted to explain it to those who have never biked in the city:

And there’s more. Bikes are small, but they still need space. Cars should give cyclists the same amount of space when passing as another vehicle, at least 3 ft. However, not all roads allow for that, particularly in Boston:

So don’t panic when you see a bike in your lane. Just treat it like another vehicle. If you can pass safely, that’s fine. If not, most likely you won’t be slowed down much if at all. In the city, I find that car traffic slows me down much more than the other way around.