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December 16th, 2013 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in general cycling

This post was copied from the Fantastic Hong Kong Fixed Gear Girl website… go there to see more of the vibrant fixed gear culture in Hong Kong.

踏入普天同慶的聖誕月,HKFGG 誠邀大家在欣賞燈飾的同時,亦為有需要的孩子送上溫暖及祝福。

今年聖誕,ifc商場為喧囂都市注入一份優遊自在。2013年11月21日至2014年1月2日ifc商場將中庭化身成枝繁葉茂的聖誕公園Central Christmas Park,是首個商場以單車及由群眾參與的大型聖誕燈飾裝置為時刻走在最前的都市人送上一份難得的怡情。

Central Christmas Park綠樹林蔭,大家可以無拘無束地坐在青草地上閒聊小休,享受片刻寫意閒情。於茂密叢林之間,您會發現11部單車的蹤跡,當中更包括紐約潮流行的GAZELLE單車。ifc商場邀請大家騎踏園內的單車,單車便能感應您的活力正能量,形成一道光跡,為商場聖誕裝置亮燈 ,Bike up the light up。場內單車適合成人、小孩同樂,大家可以化身城市旅人,一起參與炮製完美聖誕燈效的快樂過程。

Your bike ride through Central Christmas Park is much more than a marvellous holiday experience, it’s also an opportunity to show how much you care. The pedometer on each of the bikes at the Oval Atrium measures distance that you have cycled and ifc mall will convert the accumulated bike mileage into donation to a worthy cause. From 21 November 2013 till 2 January 2014, with every 1 kilometre of total bike mileage achieved by all 11 bikes, ifc mall will donate one hearty breakfast to St. James’ Settlement People’s Food Bank, helping underprivileged children in Hong Kong.  Hop on and bike to help light up the lives of the needy!

而我們早前受ifc 的邀請,率先試騎場內的單車,並接受報章訪問,
這麼有意義的活動,我們HKFGG 當然是大力支持,因此希望大家在活動舉辦期間
Our earlier invitation by ifc, try riding the bicycle and interviewed talked about the feeling of riding in the Central Christmas Park.
Until yesterday, It has alreday cluster 4,050.8 kilometers, we HKFGG absolutely support this meaningful charity event.
So we hope all of you can join us ,send the warm wish to the children during this Christmas.


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