Bicycle Parking – an update

January 19th, 2012 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in parking

There has been a small but growing movement of people who are fed up with the lack of bicycle parking in their buildings and are doing something about it!

We have recently heard from the building management people at Legco, that the Tamar building will almost certainly get some bike parking spaces, which is fantastic news and it’s nice to be reminded that cycling in Hong Kong has support from important and influential people.

We have also heard news that the China Resources Building in Wanchai is in the process of installing up to 57 bike parking spaces and 28 bike shower facilities to enable the building to become LEED (sustainable building) accredited. As more and more governments, developers and businesses around the world understand the value of sustainable buildings, increasing numbers of new buildings will look for this type of accreditation. Installing bike parking can help attain the required number of points to attain that accreditation.

Link developments (owners of several shopping malls and car parks, mostly in the new territories) have announced that they want to install bike parking and showers in some of their properties, so that they can attract cycling customers. This is a new approach in Hong Kong, though it has been realised in other places around the world, once businesses understand that people on bikes are customers that are worth attracting.

The cycle.hopewell facebook page has been quiet for a few months, however I expect to be writing a letter again soon to keep the discussion going as we now have two options for the bike parking locations, both within the Hopewell Centre building and some possible locations within Wu Chung House next door.

We have also recently heard from one of the occupants in the ICC building about the difficulties of cycling to work there, and the absolute lack of bicycle parking, including the approach roads often not allowing bicycles.


If you are interested in helping out with or starting your own campaign for bike parking in your building, let us know. We can give support, materials, and publicity as necessary.

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