運輸署推出安全駕駛宣傳 Transport Department’s educational comics for drivers about cyclists on the road

January 19th, 2012 | Posted by Ka Leung Chan in Transport Department


The Transport Department has just launched the “Safe Driving Campaign” and posted on its website a total of 12 cartoons on safe driving, each page with a message, of which three are about a bicycle on the road, mainly to remind Minibus drivers traveling on the road to keep their distance and be courteous to each other. We believe that the publicity and education for drivers enhance the safety of cyclists on the road and certainly the promote the use of bicycles as transport on the road.

單車汽車在路上,道路安全靠互諒 / Cars on the road with bicycles, road safety through mutual understanding

單車容易左右擺,保持距離就最佳 / Cyclists are easy to move around, keep a distance from them

單車隨時喺左近,望左望右至穩陣 / Cyclists at junctions. look left, look right to be cautious


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