Is your foldable bicycle allowed on a bus? 你的折疊式單車可以上巴士嗎?

October 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Ka Leung Chan in transport | transport

We’ve seen a copy of an internal guideline of KMB allowing folded bicycles of less than 0.1m3 in size to be brought on their buses. The requirement is to make bicycle a carry-on luggage. We wonder how useful is that guideline for people who want to bring their bicycles on buses. Here is a simple survey to see which bicycles can fit in the 0.1m3 requirement.

Please tell us how big is your bicycle (in m3) and what is the make by replying this post.

To calculate the volume of the bicycle in folded condition, just measure its length (L), height (H) and width (W) in metre and then multiply all 3 measurements. That is: length (m) x height (m) and width (m) = volume (m3)




計算其體積的方法如下:只需量度其長度(L)、高度(H)與闊度(W)是多少米(m),再把3個數字相乘。即是:長(m)x高(m)x闊(m)= 體積(m3

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