Cyclists should be allowed in our parks

July 1st, 1993 | Posted by Hong Kong Cycling Alliance in SCMP | uncategorised


It is a sad fact that the sport of mountain biking has been given a bad name by a minority of individuals who are too selfish to consider the environmental impact of their riding and the safety of other trail users.

I refer to the banning of cycling in all Hongkong country parks. The Agriculture and Fisheries department regard the sport as being dangerous. Let me attempt to allay their fears.

Most cyclists are friendly, considerate and forward thinking. We yield to other trail users.

We consider the environmental impact of our riding and try to minimise it. We don’t damage plants or grass and don’t scare animals.

The amount of damage that we create on rides is minimal compared to, say, a group of picnickers. Yes, our tyres do leave marks, but then so do the boots of hikers.

The machines we use are reliable, with certain breaking power and the gearing to tackle the steepest of climbs. Mountain bikes are designed to be able to handle terrain previously thought unsuitable for cycles. We wear helmets.

So the Agriculture and Fisheries department needn’t be afraid for our safety.

The Agriculture and Fisheries department should change this outdated law that was passed in the area one speed BMX bikes.

EDWIN CHENG Jardine’s Lookout


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