Under renewal terms for franchises beginning 2013, currently held by New World First Bus, Long Win Bus and Citybus on the airport and North Lantau network, passengers must be allowed to bring foldable bicycles on board.

(Reported in SCMP, 28 Feb 2012.  But we are not sure where that news came from.  Will post here when we find it.)

Got to love the meaning behind this poster…!

This is a new type of bike light that looks very interesting… bright lights with low energy use…!

There’s a interesting short post on the Cityfix blog about what factors encourage people to walk and cycle more, and it turns out that climate and geography have less of an effect than supportive bike culture and bike education.

They go on to say that people are also willing to walk and bike longer than planners generally assume, and that while aesthetics along a route sometimes get more focus from planners, these considerations are actually secondary for everyday users, where distance to key destinations, connections and lack of barriers matter the most for everyday users.

In Hong Kong, we have been pushing the government for a long time to directly support cycling as a mode of transport and to properly educate drivers in particular, so as to promote a better and more healthy bike culture. With the more recent discussions about allowing more mainland cars into Hong Kong, having a thoughtful and coordinated urban plan for Hong Kong that includes pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure considerations is more essential now than ever before.

The IEC boardwalk Cycleway Feasibility study presentation that the HKCAll made to the Harbourfront Commission in January is now available on the Harbourfront Cycleway website in English and Chinese languages.

This presentation includes a few of the many possibilities that the cycleway brings to the long boardwalk, as well as possible issues and brief discussions on structure layouts for the boardwalk deck. It is only 38 pages long, so is well worth spending 5 or 10 minutes reading time.

The audio of the actual presentation to the Harbourfront Commission can be found on their website.

The proposed harbourfront cycleway along the world-famous northern shore of Hong Kong island will conveniently connect all locations from Kennedy Town to Heng Fa Chuen, as well as providing a major leisure and tourist attraction in the heart of our city.


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** The IEC boardwalk Cycleway Feasibility Study & presentation to the Harbourfront Commission **