Cycling UK to Hong Kong, for WaterAid

October 25th, 2011 | Posted by wheeliefine in touring

Two British cyclists, Micheil Gordon and Jon Lee, are now cycling overland to Hong Kong, having left the UK six months ago.

They are raising funds for WaterAid, a very worthy cause.

Details and blog: http://hongkongcycle.co.uk/

Hong Kong Cycling Alliance has been in touch with them through their amazing journey, and we will be there to welcome them on their arrival in Hong Kong on Tuesday 15 November.

Can you come along to cheer them in?

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  • wheeliefine says:

    Latest news:
    Micheil and Jon have arrived in Hong Kong at the end of their epic trip, safe and well. They were welcomed at a grand ceremony at Kowloon Cricket Club, presented by their sponsor, Lanxess. Members of Hong Kong Cycling Alliance rode with them for the final stretch.

    The funds raised for WaterAid were over £18,000, which will provide safe drinking water for more than a thousand people, who would otherwise be at risk of all kinds of illness and loss of productivity throught the time and cost to secure ordinary water.

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