Your input is needed on bike parking facilities in Hong Kong!

May 14th, 2015 | Posted by Nick Andrew in general cycling

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    • wheeliefine says:

      Well, certainly among the grossly inadequate attention that paid to cycling by authorities, yes there is an over-focus on parking. At the MTR stations in new towns, which get most of that attention, more and better parking provision would be helpful. Everywhere else, I agree that most current bike parking needs could be absorbed quite well by existing infrastructure, and yes, changing public perspectives is the key.

      We should all be aware that Cap 374C, ‘Road Traffic (Parking) Regulations’ effectively allows most kerbside cycle parking, viz, Regulation 4 states that it shall be a defence to show that a bike [actually: vehicle, without motor] parked “on a pavement, pedestrian way, central reservation, verge, hard shoulder or traffic island”, caused no danger or actual obstruction.

      Unfortunately, the mass bike seizures (around 7000 bikes every year)and most prosecutions are made for “illegal occupation of government land” under the draconian Cap 28, which is intended for action against eg. illegally built homes or shops. We believe this law is being applied inappropriately and illegally.

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