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  • Penny Ho Man-wai says:

    Hello~ we are university students studying creative arts and culture in The Hong Kong Institute of Education and we are planning a study tour to Copenhagen in mid-June next year. As we know Copenhagen is renowned for her green ,concurrently efficient city design and bicycling system is an essential part of it. We hope to transplant her merits to Hong Kong to make our city more livable and sustainable. Since our purpose echos with your organization’s aim, we would like to meet you and share our opinions towards Hong Kong’s development in bicycling system, including lanes parking facilities and up-coming West Kowloon Cultural District, even the whole planning of our city.

    Looking Forward to receiving your reply

  • Nick Andrew says:

    Hi Brian,

    The next big ride is the Ride of Silence on wednesday 16th May in the evening, but you can always check the calendar on the webpage for more information about what we’re up to… I look forward to seeing you soon…!


  • Wanna know more about mountain biking on Lantau ? Wanna know more trails ? Where to eat ? Where to get bikes ? check out my Facebook page ‘Riding Lantau’ at http://www.facebook.com/RidingLantau and ask any inquiry you have and i’ll answer back with my 14 year experience of living on Lantau.

  • Kwan Hoi Wang says:

    Hi! I am a university student studying creative arts and culture in The Hong Kong Institute of Education. (Yes! Some classmates and I met your organization for a short meeting in TST last year, we discussed about the planning of cycling facilities in HK and we got many precious ideas from you after the meeting!! Thank you so much!!)

    As I will choose “cycling culture/ management and planning of cycling facilities in Hong Kong” as the topic of my Final Year Project, I am finding a lot of journals and research paper for references. However, I cannot find any paper which is talking about the cycling issue in Hong Kong….

    Therefore, I would like to know that did your organization do any research/ Journals about cycling culture/ management and planning of cycling facilities in Hong Kong? If yes, how can I find it or read it? Thank you for your kindly help.

  • Myriam Forstel says:


    We are 4 Urban management Master students at City University, writing a paper on “Commuter cycling” in Hong Kong. Would it be possible to meet with somebody from the Alliance? Please let us know.

    Thanks and regards,

    Myriam Forstel

  • Good Morning,

    I will be visiting Hong Kong the end of April this year and am wondering whether your organization would like to organize a talk with me. I am the founder of Portland’s (Oregon, USA) bicycle advocacy organization which started our bicycling movement. I also served 12 years on the regional government. (see my bio on my website). I have written a manual for activists based on my 40 years of political work. I have spoken in many countries and all around the United States on topics such as climate change, transportation policy, effective advocacy, land use planning and more.

    Would you be able to host a talk on one of these topics or connect me with a University or government agency that might be interested in hosting such a talk? I look forward to your response by email.

    Thank you.

    Rex Burkholder

  • alex says:

    Is there any group ride activities at April this year? I come from overseas and always want to ride with a group together

    • wheeliefine says:

      HKCAll is primarily about cycling advocacy, so we don’t organise social or sporting rides directly. But on 16 May, we have the annual Ride of Silence, to remember cyclists killed and injured here last year. Hope you can join that.
      And on the last Saturday of each month, Critical Mass HK take to the urban streets.
      Otherwise there are lots of social groups go out riding. Check out our members’ FB accounts for some options.

      Keep an eye on the group FB page:

  • WKS says:

    May I know how to join the Ride of Silence on May 16th in Hong Kong? What is the route map?

    • wheeliefine says:

      Very glad that you will join.
      Pre-registration is not essential – just come along.
      But if you are on Facebook, please ‘join’ at the event page.
      Gathering at TST Clock Tower, near Star Ferry, from around 6pm, for a 7.30pm start.
      The route is here.

      • Dr. Wilson Li says:

        I have left a message at the Helmet page of your website, looking for a reply.
        I am an orthopaedic surgeon and a keen cyclist myself. We are organising a medical conference in August on injury prevention and road safety. One of the topics to be discussed would be “the pros and cons for legislating mandatory use of cycling helmets” We have a speaker on the pro side, will the alliance send a speaker to discuss the con side (I think repeating what has been put up in the website is good enough) ? The talk will be in English, about 15 mins for each side. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.

  • Dr. Wilson Li says:

    I am an orthopaedic surgeon in Hong Kong and a keen cyclist myself. We are organising a medical conference in August on injury prevention, and one of the topic to discuss will be :”the pros and cons of legislating mandatory use of cycling helmet”. We have a speaker who will speak for pro, and we are looking for somebody who will give a counter viewpoint. As I go through the helmet section of your website, I found that your alliance may be able to suggest a speaker for such. The talk will take place on 25th August, 15 mins each, in English. Please see if you would nominate a speaker. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further details

    • wheeliefine says:

      Dr Li,
      Thank you and I look forward to our being represented in your discussion of this oft-misunderstood issue. I have written to you with details.

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