Ride of Silence – death spots in 2011 沉默的騎行 – 2011年騎單車死亡人士肇事地點

February 7th, 2012 | Posted by Ka Leung Chan in Ride of Silence

This map shows the spots of cyclists’ death in Hong Kong in 2011. There are 20 deaths in 2011.

這地圖標示了2011年在香港死亡的騎單車人士肇事地點, 2011年全年共有20人死亡.


ROS map of death spots 2011

ROS map of death spots 2011

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  • Martin says:

    That 20 cyclists died in 2011 is very worrying. It is a big jump from the already bad 9 or 10 deaths annually, over the last ten years or so. Why the huge increase? Perhaps there are more people cycling – but a sudden doubling is unlikely, and anyway, in other places, as cycling has grown, the absolute number of fatalities has come DOWN, as all road users adjust and drive more safely.

    Either it is a very severe ‘unlucky’ year, or the lack of public awareness about cycling, and of proper cycling training, is worse than we thought.

    Either way, we will be remembering them all on 16th May 2012, on the Ride of Silence (http://www.rideofsilence.org) and working hard to understand and help reduce future fatalities and injuries.

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