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April 10th, 2013 | Posted by wheeliefine in general cycling

Whether or not you follow the progress of cycling in London, it is interesting that the city’s new ‘cycling commissioner’,  Andrew Gilligan, is being candid and constructive about where London’s bike environment is, and where it is going.

Of course, he recognises that attention must be paid to both segregated and on-road routes, and particularly he emphasises the need for designs that meet international best practice, criticising several schemes already in progress, which would be already heavenly in Hong Kong terms, in that they were implemented by an administration that believed in the contribution of cycling.  But the low position we start from here is an opportunity, right?

This post from ‘Cyclists in the City’ is recommended.

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  • wheeliefine says:

    Like Hong Kong, London is a big, busy, urban environment. Bigger than Hong Kong in fact, and with considerably more cycling, with widepread political support and lots of people now commuting to and around the city. Sadly, a second cyclist this year has just been killed there, in a collision with a truck. In Hong Kong too, we’ve lost two cyclists already this year. But taking all the facts together, it’s a lot, lot safer to be a cyclist in London than Hong Kong. We need to work towards matching, at least, what they are doing. And we’ll remember all those killed and injured on 15 May, at the Ride of Silence.

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